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Faithful followers, we’ve moved over to we figure it’s easier to remember- visit us there- we may take this page down- or we may not- but we’ll probably start to ignore it right about now.


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The beerologists have just stumbled across, due primarily to a tip from a friend that this fella seems to have to logo we want- we won’t begrudge him that, though, because we cover different areas (he gets the beers, we get the bars) and we think his work is kind of cool. Mister lvillebeer, if you see this, we feel that you should be our new best friend.

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The beerologists are looking for an official logo- it should involve beer and the fleur de lis- we think- the winner will get a write-up and we’ll buy you a drink. That’s right- you could win a drink with us! (Which should be extra enticing for those of you who don’t know who we are). E-mail submissions and/or further questions to

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Let’s have a debate!

To Forecastle or to Lebowski?- That is the question. For me, Forecastle edged above Lebowski, but I’ll be sure to Achieve, Abide, and compliment any marmot I see while I’m there. What’s your take.

One thing is beyond debate- with both events this weekend, staying home is unacceptable!

These drinks are for Louisville’s incredible summer festivals!

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BBC St. Matthews

Local microbreweries are a point of fairly intense debate between the beerologists- you see, I’m a BBC girl, whereas my partner swears by Cumberland. To clarify, I don’t dislike Cumberland and she doesn’t dislike BBC, but when it comes down to allegiance, we’re divided. After much discussion, we’ve determined that it’s purely an issue of what you drink. I like my beer dark and she likes it light. Though I occasionally befriend an IPA, more often than not if I can see my hand on the other side of the glass, I want to ask the beer, “Will thou leave me so unsatisfied?”
I’m sure you know there isn’t one Bluegrass Brewing Company in this town, but rather three. There’s one in St. Matthews just before Shelbyville Rd splits into Lexington Rd and Frankfort Ave, one at 4th and Broadway, and one on Main St that only serves beer. You may not realize there’s also one in the Cincinnati Airport (which is really in KY) and one in the Indianapolis Airport (which is really in IN). Why Standiford Field doesn’t have one is a mystery. Today, we’ll be discussing the big mamma jamma- St. Matthews.
As a general rule, I’m not a fan of St. Matthews. I know that’s bold to just say it and I’m sorry, but it’s not my scene. BBC, however, has a different feel that puts me a little more at ease- not to say it’s totally devoid of east-enders, but they tend to have enough of a hippie flair that they’d fit in at the hideaway. Granted, there are more Dave Matthews hippies than Grateful Dead hippies this far east, but I can handle that.
Though the parking lot is certifiably ridiculous in that you can’t really circle if there’s not a spot and you can get in if you’re heading toward Frankfort Ave, but not if you’re heading away from it, there is parking a-plenty and it’s safe. There are also quite a few bars close if you feel like a crawl- Dutch’s, Brendan’s, Diamonds, Saints, and Gerstle’s are all just a stumble away.
Once you get inside, take note of the flippin’ gorgeous tin ceilings. BBC boasts not only two bars, but also a fantastic smoking patio and a stage for live music, which happens often. The place is totally clean and the staff is friendly, albeit super-busy most of the time. There’s also a dart board and an ATM in house (fear not- they take cards anyway).
The food is fantastic as this place is as much a restaurant as it’s a bar- try the fish and chips- but don’t let that take the spotlight away from the beer. If you haven’t put it together yet, BBC beer is brewed in house, though it must be noted that the ones you pick up in 6-packs at ValuMart are brewed at the Main Street location, not St. Matthews. Of course, a true Louisvillian will sing the praises of anything made in Louisville, be it Derby Pie or Disco Balls, but this praise is certifiable. BBC has won 5 Bronze medals and 3 Gold at the Great American Beer Festival with the Baltic Porter being the most recent Gold winner (also note that the Oktoberfest has won the most across the board). They also have award-winning root-beer.
In the realm of specials, I must first tell you about the Wort Hog Club. Those mugs hanging on the wall- they belong to Wort Hogs. You pay a $40 membership fee ($15 per year after the first) and get a special mug that holds 5 oz. more than non-Wort Hogs get for the same price. Then, on the 3rd Sunday of the month, you get to go to a special tasting.
If you’re not a Wort Hog, there are still tons of deals at BBC. There’s a Happy Hour Monday-Friday 3-7 and also during all U of L, UK, and NFL Games (there are 16 TVs here with every sports channel you can dream of). During Happy Hour wings are 35 cents and beer is $2.75 (Which is also the deal all day Tuesday). Thursdays mean a hand-pump cask (which usually features something hoppy) and samplers are $7.50.
If you want to take some home (and you do), you can get a growler for $11.50 ($8 to refill). Half kegs are $99, 1/2 kegs are $55, and 1/4 kegs are $35 (with a $100 deposit).
A Louisville classic, BBC has provided Louisville with delicious beer for 15 years (I’m partial to Dark Star). If you’re like me and you like your beer dark like coffee, get the to the microbrewery- these drinks are for you!

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The Lounge


As a continuation of our foray into reader favorites, we would like to introduce those of you who have not yet had the pleasure to an incredibly little bar called The Lounge.  You can find them online at, and in the flesh at 947 E. Madison St., although it may be easier to think of The Lounge as being located at the corner of Chestnut and Wenzel Streets. I know its confusing —  all I can say is do what you can to find this place, because its totally worth it. Its important to note that the sign outside The Lounge is a Budweiser sign, and “Lounge” is printed in teeny lettering, so know what you’re looking for when you head that way.


The Lounge has been…wherever it is exactly…for a year, but there’s always been a bar in the location, and it feels like a time capsule. The owner, Shelby, has preserved the old-time feeling, with a Pepsi soda counter serving as the bar, diner seating, and a gorgeous wooden bar back that Shelby thinks is from the 1920’s, while embracing spontaneity.


Shelby’s whole manifesto on The Lounge is to throw things together and see what sticks, so on Wednesday nights they have an incredible blues jam hosted by Jim Masterson, Thursdays is an Open Mic/Poetry Slam/Movie Night, and Friday and Saturday nights are held for local bands. The crowd is eclectic, and runs the gamut as artists, musicians and drinkers tend to do. The space upstairs is rented out as artist studios, and art is featured throughout the bar. There are wonderful quirks throughout the bar, but the bathroom is especially fabulous – it has a red light and frosted glass door. There’s no disgusting bar smell in The Lounge, just a lovely museum-sort of smell, and the whole place feels very much like New Orleans. Not Garden District New Orleans, but the real New Orleans.


As far as libations are concerned, this is a strictly bottled beer joint. Every week Shelby tries to add a beer or two to the list, so things are constantly changing. When we were there, all the basics were in stock, as well as some of the better beers, like Long Hammer and Stella. You can get a PBR or a Budweiser in a can for $1.50, so this is a great bar in which to drink yourself out of the recession. Chips are available behind the bar, and it wasn’t too long before the popcorn and mixed nuts came out, for your snacking pleasure.


The Lounge is the perfect bar for feeling like you’ve gotten out of town without breaking the bank, and we assure you that if you’re as willing to talk to strangers as we are, you’ll meet some real characters while you’re there. If you go on a Wednesday, look around for a jazz drummer named Charles, and ask him about playing pop music in the 60’s. He has more stories than Carter has pills, and he’s something of a charmer, if you ask me.


These beers are for spontaneity you guys, and getting off the beaten track. Keep your reader recommendations coming, because we love where you’re sending us!

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City Scoot and Derby – A Match Made in The Bluegrass State

The safe alternative after a long night- City Scoot
We’ve all been out on the town at one point or another and thought “maybe I should just call a cab.”  Why waste your money and not get your car home?  Next time think about the revolutionary alternative: City scoot.  They pick you up… IN YOUR CAR! The concept is simple and the process is easy.
How it works:
About 30 minutes before you are ready to leave the bar or friend’s house dial 56-NO-DUI (566-6384). Tell them where you are drinking and where you are going home to and City Scoot will send a professional, fully insured, designated driver to pick you and your car up.  Your driver will often time pull up riding a small foldable scooter that will fit easily in the trunk of most cars. No room for a scooter? That’s okay too, just let the dispatcher know when you call and they will be sure to send you a driver with a car that chases. It’s that easy, and for about the same cost as a cab ride, you would be crazy not to call!
Pick up area:
City Scoot picks up in the highlands, St. Mathews, Old Louisville and Downtown areas.  I-264 and 5th street are normally the boundaries of their pick up area; however some exceptions can be made pending wait times.
Most fares cost about $20, but if you want to get a better idea there is a way to check.  City Scoot’s pick up fee is $9 with a charge of $3.50 per mile.  When you call in they will run a map from your pick up location to your final destination with the shortest possible miles as to insure there is no “running of the meter” as you will often times see in cabs.  City Scoot also has discounted fares from several Louisville bars, and all Louisville Original restaurants.
For more info visit:

A Note from the Beerologists: This weekend, all of these beers are for Louisville, no matter where you find them. So, in the name of the most exciting two minutes in sports, let’s all be smart. If you drink, don’t drive. Call City Scoot! You know that $3.50/mile is worth your life, and we think smart people are sexy!

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A Note On Reader Recommendations

Hey Guys!

We thank you so much for all of your suggestions on bars for future review. We got WAY more than we expected (enough to keep us busy for several weeks)! We started reviewing your recommended bars last Wednesday, so look for them in the upcoming days and weeks. 

In the spirit of “first come, first served,” we’re just going to review them in the order in which they were received. Also, we wanted to note that we’ll probably review at least one other bar in the vicinity, per week. For example, this week we visited Freddie’s on reader suggestion, and since we were already downtown, we headed over to Stevie Ray’s. 

We promise that if you keep the recommendations coming, we’ll keep going to the bars you love! E-mail us at, or leave us a comment, and we’ll get on it! 

As always, thanks for reading!

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Hey You!

Hello Drinkers!

Have you ever wondered how we make our lists of bars to visit? Its not random choice, believe it or not. Its a serious effort to provide you with information on bars you either love, or want to love. Basically, we want to be a resource for our bar-centered community.  

But alas! The day is rapidly approaching when we will be out of trendy, hip bars to profile for you. Without your suggestions and requests, we will be forced to subject you to an entire series of reviews that you have no particular interest in. Unless you’re masochistic, we need your help.

As you may or may not know, reader requested bars get priority treatment. Which means, if you e-mail us at or leave us a comment, your bar will be reviewed the very next week. Bars that got reviewed by request include Marmaduke’s, DCE and the upcoming review on Sergio’s World Beers. This is a plea for your input on the shape our blog will take, because we know we can’t do it without you.  

Take this opportunity and move to head of the line! We promise you’ll like it.

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A Rant

In light of the new taxes that have been levied on alcohol and tobacco, we feel that it is our civic duty to post a bit of a rant. Frankly, Frankfort, we’re tired of it all. Every time there’s a deficit in the state budget, the burden falls on the shoulders of “sinners.” We tax cigarettes, then alcohol, then we tax it again and again. The smokers have already been exiled from all public places, yet I remember a time- not too long ago- when legislators could smoke inside the capitol building. There are offices in the annex where they still do, but these same legislators pass taxes upon taxes upon taxes. Will we ever be punished enough? Here’s my beef with sin taxes. Kentucky’s economy is entirely based on sin. Tobacco is our chief cash crop- at least, as far as legal crops go- the top cash crop is a separate rant. They say the intent of all these taxes is that people will quit smoking and be healthier, but how one cares for and defends one’s own health is one’s own business. What happens when the smokers do quit? What happens when that tax money is gone? What happens to the farmers? Is Frankfort prepared to subsidize them? Clearly, Frankfort doesn’t really want this absurd plan to work. Then there’s bourbon. This liquor is our claim to fame, yet we tax it to discourage it’s consumption. Where’s the logic? While we’re taxing sins, shall we also tax gambling? Why not add a tax to bets at Churchill Downs? We all know that will never happen. Here’s my proposition. Let’s tax fast food- that’s also detrimental to our health. Gluttony is also a deadly sin. Be a little more creative, Frankfort. Or perhaps we could be bold. What if we taxed franchises? Seriously- any company that takes money out of the state of Kentucky could have an additional tax. Some might say that taxing Wal-Mart and McDonald’s is a tax on the poor, but I ask those naysayers to examine the demographics who buy cigarettes and beer. We are poor, as well. It’s simply a difference in priority. I have one last request, Frankfort. If you must require us, the sinners, to float your budget, bear in mind that we know what we’re paying for every time we make a purchase. We know that it’s cheaper to drink at home than at a bar, but we gladly pay the surcharge for ambience. Similarly, we know we’re filling the gaps in the state budget- even covering for dry counties. We know. Now is the time to treat us as philanthropists, not degenerates. You need us to sin, so stop condemning and let us be.

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