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We’re moving!

Faithful followers, we’ve moved over to we figure it’s easier to remember- visit us there- we may take this page down- or we may not- but we’ll probably start to ignore it right about now.


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The beerologists have just stumbled across, due primarily to a tip from a friend that this fella seems to have to logo we want- we won’t begrudge him that, though, because we cover different areas (he gets the beers, we get the bars) and we think his work is kind of cool. Mister lvillebeer, if you see this, we feel that you should be our new best friend.

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The beerologists are looking for an official logo- it should involve beer and the fleur de lis- we think- the winner will get a write-up and we’ll buy you a drink. That’s right- you could win a drink with us! (Which should be extra enticing for those of you who don’t know who we are). E-mail submissions and/or further questions to

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