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I sometimes find myself reminded of the coolness of Crescent Hill- it’s not that I ever think it’s uncool, but as an Old Louisville resident who hangs mainly around Germantown and the Highlands, I tend to forget that Crescent Hill is over there. Between this excursion and apartment hunting with a friend, though, this week has reminded me. Crescent Hill is great!

One of the great things about the neighborhood, certainly, is Longshot Tavern. To start with, there’s generally plenty of parking on the streets nearby and Longshot is totally safe. It’s right across the street from Bourbon’s Bistro and though there’s nothing right next door, none of the Frankfort Ave. bars are beyond walking distance. Once a florist, Longshot has been serving drinks since ’93.

The entertainment offered at Longshot is a key draw, for sure. This joint boasts ping pong, foosball, pool, and darts- all the best drunk games in the same place! They also have one of those old cigarette displays, which you don’t see much these days. Music-wise, there are bands most weekend nights, Thursday is Open Mic night, and The Merry Pranksters play Wednesday and Sunday- we love those guys.

The look is pretty basic with a definite horse theme- it’d be a good place to bring a friend who’s visiting for Derby, as this is surely what outsiders expect a Louisville bar to look like. There’s an outdoor smoking area and also a small greenhouse-sort-of-nook that counts as outside. It was a little too hot when we were there, but that place would be a perfect refuge from rain.

It is certainly worth noting that Longshot’s happy hour extends into useful hours- domestics are but a dollar on Wednesdays from 1 to 10:30PM. And on that not, Brian the Bartender is one of the nicest fellows we’ve come across! The selection is basic, but they’re sure to have your stand-by and there’s a $10 tab minimum.

Longshot supports UK and U of L, so it’d be a great place to catch a game. It’s also dog friendly- so much so that they have a water-bowl by the door- that’s even better than the Nachbar. 

Rich, a regular, was quick to strike up a conversation and we found ourselves staying much longer than we usually do on a review. Longshot is a good place to feel at home, even if you’ve never been before. Best of all, we went in on a Friday and it wasn’t crowded enough to annoy us (we review on off nights for a reason, folks)- so, that being said, these drinks are for weeknight people who are out on a weekend.


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